AccuTrak® instruments can be used to test a thermostatic expansion valve (TXV), check valve, ball, needle, gate or any type of valve which may be leaking internally.

Are valves functioning properly? When in the closed position are they truly closed? Is the TXV clogged or iced? Restrictions or leaks in a valve can cause serious problems, and inefficiency. Any fluid or gas passing through a poorly seated valve will generate ultrasound, and clearly be heard using the AccuTrak®.

This test method is similar to that of steam traps. Use the touch probe to test around the perimeter of the valve housing. The sound will be loudest at the point of the leak (the area where the gate, ball, needle, etc. seats into place to stop the fluid or gas flow. Use the sensitivity adjustment to eliminate any extraneous pipe noise and you will be able to hear only the internal flow of the valve.

By using the readings on the display and your ear, you can actually determine which side of the valve is leaking.