Superior AccuTrak® Testimonials


"Its performance, size, good headphones, and a quality case for storage instead of a cheap bag. Found 2 leaks on 2 different systems within minutes, first day I had the VPE!"


"I have worked 13 yrs for the 2nd largest Supermarket Refrigeration equipment Mftr. and service Co., and for the past 4 years the largest... I have the best tools and thought I had seen it all until I purchased your VPE, and as advertised, was able to locate a leak in a store that was contaminated with freon... Two days later, I found it a great help in diagnosis of an EPR valve."


"It works Great! I Can actually hear the detected sound."


"I like it, and it suits me!"


"It works as promised!"


"I am feeling more comfortable with every use!"


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