Compressed Air and Gas Leaks


industrial maintenance plant maintenance AccuTrak air leak detector ultrasonic leak detector AccuTrak vpe 2000 vpe 1000 wpx wrDid you know that compressed air often devours more electrical energy than any other equipment in the plant? Do your compressors run on weekends when the plant is unoccupied? Do you have difficulty maintaining optimum pressures? Have you come to rely on your backup compressor for routine demand? - Still think Air is Free??? Save thousands (20% to 50%) annually by locating and repairing air leaks! Do it with AccuTrak®, the easiest way to find them, Simply turn it on and go!!! AccuTrak® is also great for refrigerant leaks, vacuum leaks, heat exchangers, or any pressurized system.



Find Air leaks with AccuTrak VPE-2000
Finding Air Leaks with VPX-WR
Finding Air Leaks with VPX-WR

Air Leak With VPX-WR

Here is an example of "DND" at work. This air leak was recorded with the VPX-WR with a noisy compressor in the background. Listen to how the background noise is reduced and how the screaming leak sound dominates the signal.

Air Leak with VPE-2000

This is the same leak as you heard above recorded with the VPE-2000. This unit uses a traditional heterodyne translation.

Air Leak Products

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