Automotive Leak Detection and Maintenance

 AccuTrak Ultrasonic Leak Detectors for Automotive Leak Detection

Find car refrigerant leaks with an ultrasonic leak detector

Cars will develop all sorts of leaks over time. Luckily with Superior AccuTrak® finding even the toughest leaks is quick any easy! Originally developed for fleet mechanics, Superior AccuTrak® Instruments feature state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology to pinpoint a variety of automotive leaks. Whether you are a professional technician or home mechanic, AccuTrak® will save you time and money. With AccuTrak® you can quickly locate:

Refrigerant Leaks
Vacuum Leaks
Valve Stem Leaks
Tire Seal Leaks
Window Seal Leaks
Door Seal Leaks


How is AccuTrak® Different?

You're probably asking yourself how an ultrasonic leak detector is different from the variety of other leak detectors out there… the answer, is that AccuTrak® Ultrasonic Leak Detectors are actually listening devices! AccuTrak® detects the ultrasonic noise generated by a leak and translates it into a sound the technician can hear. This is very different than the common "sniffer" type detector which searches for the presence of a particular gas.

Why is “hearing” the leak such an advantage?

The answer is that the AccuTrak® works with ANY type of gas whether it is refrigerant, compressed air, nitrogen, or even a vacuum! - and all without ever changing a tip or sensor! It can be expensive to charge a system with refrigerant just to search for a leak. With AccuTrak® you can simply fill the system with nitrogen and find the leak quickly and efficiently!


AccuTrak® will change the way you search for leaks!


Vacuum Leaks!

vacuum leak ultrasonic leak detection

Refrigerant Leaks!

automotive refrigerant leak detection with Superior AccuTrak

Valve Stem & Tire Leaks!

valve stem leak detection tire leak detection Superior AccuTrak

Door & Window Seal Leaks!

car window leaks door seal leaks ultrasonic leak detection

AccuTrak® works when other methods fail!

Sniffers type detectors are infamous for providing false positives when scanning for refrigerant leaks. Suppose refrigerant gas has filled the entire engine bay of a car and you are trying to find the leak with a sniffer... how are you supposed to pinpoint the actual origin of the leak? the answer is, you cant! - the detector will be reading false positive everywhere in the saturated environment. As AccuTrak® is detecting sound, the residual gas in this case would have no effect on the reading!

On the flip side, what if you are working outside and the wind is blowing away the refrigerant before the sniffer can detect it? In this situation AccuTrak® would again work fine. In fact, AccuTrak® is largely unaffected by background noise. This is because AccuTrak® only detects sound in the ultrasonic range and is not affected by background noise in the audible range. Even if there is background ultrasonic noise, AccuTrak® maintains the original sounds characteristic of the noise so the technician will be able to distinguish the sound of the leak amongst the competitive sounds.

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