Bearing Inspection & Maintenance

Detect bearing wear with AccuTrak Ultrasonic InstrumentsUltrasonic inspection is a necessary element of any maintenance program. Superior AccuTrak® is a highly effective tool to evaluate and properly maintain bearings and other moving parts.

Using ultrasound to identify bearing wear in its early stages can be a valuable tool toward avoiding major downtime. As internal components in moving machinery begin to wear, increased friction creates subtle changes in the ultrasonic sound being generated. These changes in ultrasound present themselves before other signs like heat or vibration are noticeable. When compared to vibration analysis; ultrasound can be used on more equipment in less time, with less training, and by less technically oriented personnel. It is also very useful on slower speed equipment, where vibration analyzers are not always effective.

Superior AccuTrak® is also a very useful tool to ensure proper lubrication of bearings. By listening to the ultrasound of a moving bearing, you can ensure that enough grease is added without risking damage from over lubrication.

Bearing Inspection

Setting Baselines

Good Bearing

Ultrasound from the motor side bearing of a high-speed overhung cantilever fan. The sound is barely audible.

Bad Bearing

Taken with the VPE-2000; Listen closely, you can actually hear the "chattering" ball defect.