Steam Trap and Valve Inspection

 Steam trap and valve ultrasonic leak detection


ultrasonic valve and steam trap leak detectionA major source of energy loss is through leaking steam traps and valves. Steam traps can fail for a variety of reasons causing steam to escape. Since the system is closed, it is not  possible to know if the steam trap is operating correctly without the proper tools. Utilizing the touch probe on an AccuTrak® Ultrasonic Leak Detector, you can easily determine if a steam trap is cycling correctly or if it is letting steam blow by. Testing steam traps using ultrasound requires very little training, however a basic understanding of how a particular steam trap operates is certainly helpful. Is the steam trap blowing steam? Listening for the tell-tale rushing sound of a leak enables the user to make an accurate judgement immediately. If done regularly, this simple test can save tens of thousands of dollars in energy costs.

Leaking steam traps are tremendously inefficient, it's like trying to heat your house with the windows open. Bad steam traps are surprisingly common, roughly 30% of the traps in a plant with no trap testing programs will be leaking! Use an AccuTrak® Ultrasonic Leak Detector to quickly hear internal flow through steam traps and valves.

Steam Trap Inspection

Valve Inspection