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Superior® Smoke Generators

For over 50 years Superior® Smoke Generators have been used for literally hundreds of applications: Sewer inflow leak detection, firefighter training, special effects, HVAC testing, truck and trailer leak detection, and a variety of other air flow visualization and leak detection applications.

Find Sources of Sewer Inflow!

Superior smoke for sewer testing inflow source ssoStill today's industry standard, thousands of municipalities in all 50 States and around the world have used this method of Smoke Testing with great success for over 50 years. Hundreds of millions of feet of sanitary sewer mains have been effectively tested using Superior® Smoke products, eliminating countless faults - and the SSO’s that would result from them.


Realistic Fire Training!

fire simulation smoke simulation fire training smokeFor over 50 years the Superior Signal Company has provided quality products to the fire service industry. Only Superior Signal offers you a choice of excellent products designed for specific training applications. We are the only source for all types of training smoke: disposable high volume generators, or rugged smoke machines.

Test Laterals and Plumbing!

test house plumbing with smoke laterals smoke test odor detectionNeed to find the source of a smell? Need to locate broken pipes and fittings or check new plumbing installations? With Superior candles and blowers you can test plumbing systems with ease! Check out our line of smoke generators and blowers and find out how inexpensive and effective smoke testing can be!


Find HVAC Leaks Fast!

hvac leak detection with superior smoke candles 5e blowerSmoke is an invaluable tool for HVAC technicians. By introducing smoke to an HVAC system you can quickly and effectively identify leaks throughout the entire system. No other method is as effective and affordable as a smoke test!

Test Chimneys!

chimney smoke test superior smoke Test a chimney  with Superior® Smoke and identify  defects which can cause fumes to leak through the chimney or flue structure.


Find Leaks in Trailers with ease!

leak test trailer with smokeSmoke testing is the fastest and most affordable way to find leaks in your trailer or cargo container. Protect your valuable goods and test your containers with Superior® Smoke!

Conduct Air Flow Studies!

Need a highly visible smoke to observe flow patterns? Superior® Smoke is ideal for wind tunnel and other air flow applications!


Literally Hundreds of Applications!

Our smoke has been used in many different applications. If you have a question about how Superior® Smoke can help you don't hesitate to contact us!

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