Superior W3C Seal Pac
Superior W3C Seal PacSuperior W3C Smoke CandleSuperior W3C Smoke CandleSuperior W3C Smoke Candle

W3C Seal Pac (5-pack)

$80.00 each

The W3C SealPac includes 5 Superior® W3C Smoke Candles in a resealable container. SealPac containers are shipped air tight, and include a desiccant pack to protect your Smoke Candles from exceptionally hot and humid climates. SealPacs are perfect for individuals using Smoke Candles in hot climates or who intend to store Smoke Candles for extended periods.

The Superior® Smoke #W3C generates approximately 40,000 cubic feet of whitish gray smoke over a 3+ minute burn duration. The W3C is double wicked and comes with quick clips to furnish multiple units and extend the smoke generating time.


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