Superior ST-10 XP Smoke Fluid

ST-10 XP Smoke Fluid (1 Gallon)

$83.00 each

High Performance XP Smoke Fluid (aka "Fog Fluid") for the Superior® ST-10 Smoke Machine and similar units.

You have a smoke machine but are you getting the most out of it? Superior® Smoke Fluid offers the performance you need at an amazingly affordable price! Do you require extreme smoke density? - Our premium XP Smoke Fluid is the most efficient, dense, and longest hanging smoke fluid on the market!

ST-10 XP Smoke Fluid Features

  • Dense Non-Irritating Odorless Smoke
  • Superior’s Proprietary high-quality formula
  • 100% Virgin USP Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients
  • Can be used in most competitive machines
  • More Smoke using Less Fluid (XP)
  • An Incredibly Dense Smoke (XP)
  • Amazingly Long “Hang Time” (XP)


  • Fire Training
  • Special Effects
  • Works with Superior® ST-10 Smoke Machine and similar competitive units
  • For sewer testing smoke fluid please see SL Smoke Fluid

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