Trailer & Container Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is a fast way to find leaks in trailers

Smoke testing is an easy way to find leaks in shipping containers

Fast & Effective Trailer Leak Detection with Superior® Smoke

Leaks in trailers and cargo containers can result in water infiltration, damaged cargo, and wasted energy. However, with Superior® Smoke, the professional’s choice for over 60 years, you can easily pinpoint even the smallest trailer and container leaks in minutes! Simply place one or two Superior® Smoke Candles inside the trailer, shut the doors, and observe the exterior. Superior® Smoke will quickly fill the space and escape through the leaks allowing you to identify and mark them for repair. It’s that easy!

See Trailer Leak Testing in Action!

See Trailer Leak Testing in Action!

Smoke candles come in different sizes to smoke test various trailers & shipping containers Superior Smoke Candles are ideal for leak testing both large and small shipping containers, trailers, and more.

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