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Superior Electric Fire Remote Ignition System Mark 4
Superior Electric Fire Remote Ignition System Mark 4Superior Electric Fire Remote Ignition System Mark 4Superior Electric Fire Remote Ignition System Mark 4Electric Fire Remote Igntion System

Superior Electric Fire - Remote Ignition System (Mod 4)

$189.00 each

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The Superior Signal Electric Fire - Remote Ignition System (EF-RIS Mod 4) is a wireless programmable firing system designed to initiate Smoke Grenades on command from long distances. The Remote Ignition System is ideal for training exercises, scenarios, and simulations where instantaneous smoke is needed in multiple locations or in intervals, at the push of a button!

The EF-RIS features a 600+ foot range and individual Field Module (Receiver) control from one compact Remote. The EF-RIS comes in an incredibly rugged, waterproof, and airtight hard case built to withstand the most extreme conditions. The hard case features easily customizable pick-n-pluck style foam and is large enough to add additional Field Modules or Smoke Grenades.

Remote Ignition System Applications

  • Fire Training Simulations
  • IED Simulation
  • Disaster Scenario Training
  • Shooting Rage Effects

Remote Ignition System Features

  • 4 Compact Field Modules with Learn Function
  • 1 Compact 4 Channel Remote Detonator w/ Slide Protector
  • 600+ Foot Range
  • Individual or Simultaneous Fire Control
  • Expandable - Add any number of additional Field Modules!
  • Virtually Indestructible Waterproof & Airtight Hard Case
  • 90 Day Warranty
  • Works with Superior Professional Electric Fire Smoke Grenades

Remote Ignition System Specs

  • Module Power: AAA batt (4 each) (not incl)
  • Firing Current: 4-5 amps
  • Remote Power: 23A batt (1) (included)
  • Outer Case Dimensions: 13"×9.25"×5.12"
  • Inner Case Dimensions: 11.85"×7.03"×4.44"
  • Kit Weight (without batt's): 4 lb (approx)

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