Fire Training with Superior® Smoke

Smoke candles used in a fire training scenario

The Most Realistic Smoke for Fire Training

Superior Signal Company has been the leader in fire training smoke for over 60 years and the only company to offer BOTH rugged Smoke Machines, and disposable high-volume Smoke Generators. Smoke Generators and Smoke Machines are safe and effective tools for simulating the confusion and danger of a real fire. Regular drills with training smoke teach firefighters and other first responders to avoid disorientation, improve efficiency, and minimize panic - enabling them to concentrate on fighting fires and making rescues.


There are a lot of options out there when selecting a Smoke Machine - many companies offer low grade "consumer" or "theatrical" machines that rarely last a season, while others sell overpriced machines with useless bells & whistles that are out of reach for all but the largest fire departments. In the end what really matters is Smoke Output, Reliability, and Price... in other words, VALUE! The Superior ST-10 Smoke Machine puts out the most smoke of any 110 volt unit, is backed by a full one year warranty, and priced right. Superior Signal Company also offers full in-house repair services and parts for our smoke machines.

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Smoke Candles in Action

Smoke Candles being used in a variety of training situations including burn buildings, hazmat simulations, and vehicle fire simulations.

Vehicle Fire Simulation

Portable and disposable Smoke Candles are ideal for fire training simulations in vehicles, buildings, and remote areas where power may not be available.

Classic Smoke Candles & Specialty Smoke Generators

High output & disposable smoke generators for fire training

  • Versatile: Training officers can place these randomly into 55 gallon drums to develop controlled “unexpected” occurrences.
  • Realistic: Excellent for creating realistic disaster scenes such as large industrial disasters, hazmat incidents, and aircraft crash simulation.
  • No power source required: Simply pull the ring or light the fuse.
  • Total obscuring power (TOP) ten times that of crude oil.
  • Persistent smoke: Classic Disposable Smoke Generators can be seen for miles.

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The Superior method of generating smoke by chemical reaction provides smokey atmospheres for training exercises involving the use of self-contained breathing apparatus. The smoke has excellent obscuring power and pungent odor revealing inadequate protection. Superior® Smoke items contain no explosive materials and are the only devices of this nature acceptable in the mails. It has a T.O.P (total obscuring power) of 2100. T.O.P. is the scientific method of determining the relative efficiency of smoke generated by a given unit of smoke composition. By comparison, Superior® Smoke has a T.O.P. ten times greater than crude oil. More smoke, exclusive features, plus low prices make Superior® Smoke products your best buy.

Customer Testimonial

"I'm the Protective Services Instructor for a vocational-technical high school in Connellsville, Pa. My students learn firefighting as well as EMS and law enforcement skills. Since using live fire and "real" smoke is too dangerous for students at this level, I was looking for a safe but realistic alternative. I checked out your website and decided to try your 3C smoke candles. We ordered a Seal Pack and when they arrived, I still wasn't sure how well they would work.
We took our annual field trip to the local firefighter's training center. For the simulation, we set up smoke candles in different locations throughout the burn building on 2 levels. I'm happy to report that they worked beautifully! The smoke conditions were very realistic but not so much that safety was even the slightest bit compromised. The students got the feel of a real, low-visibility fire condition. Thank you, Superior Signal, for making such an outstanding product that we can use to safely train the next generation of firefighters. You can count on me as a return customer!"
Ronald J Barry
Protective Services Instructor

Superior ST-10 Smoke Machine

ST-10 Smoke machine for fire training

The industry's most trusted smoke machine at an UNBEATABLE price!

Superior Signal Company Inc. has provided training smoke to the fire fighting industry for over 60 years! We know what you need in a smoke machine, and the ST-10 is it! With a powerful 1500 watt heating core, and reliable high pressure piston pump, this machine delivers an impressive output of up to 20,000 cfm, at a price affordable for any department. The ST-10 will quickly fill your training area with dense, persistent, non-irritating smoke with excellent obscuring power.

The ST-10 comes standard with a 10 meter wired remote control which makes operation easy. No more searching for controls in a smoke filled room. This hand held remote features a selection for manual, or self timed (unmanned) operation. Simply set the dial to control flow rate, duration of smoke blasts, and interval between blasts. The ST-10 will fill the area with smoke at a steady constant rate, therefore reducing the chances of over concentration and residues.

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