5E FLEX Battery Powered Smoke Blower
5E FLEX Battery Powered Smoke Blower5E FLEX Battery Powered Smoke Blower5E FLEX Smoke Blower5E FLEX Smoke Blower5E FLEX Smoke Blower

5E FLEX Electric Smoke Blower

$815.00 each
Power Adaptor
*Add Smoke:

There is a 1-2 week lead time on 5E and 5E FLEX Blowers

NEW! Battery Powered 5E FLEX Smoke Blower!

The Superior® 5E FLEX Smoke Blower is the first and only battery powered blower designed exclusively for DWV system smoke testing. The 5E FLEX is compatible with leading 18-20 volt tool batteries you may already own. Utilizing a high quality Power Adapter, the 5E FLEX integrates seamlessly into your existing cordless tool set. That's not all, the 5E FLEX can also run off a 12-24 Volt DC power source - such as a car or truck battery, using the DC Clips Power Adaptor.

Say goodbye to extension cords and heavyweight smoke blowers. The 5E FLEX is the ultimate lightweight and portable solution to smoke test plumbing systems both large and small. The 5E FLEX comes with the Smoke Blower, Hose, and the Power Adaptor selected above - battery is not included.

Looking for a 120v 5E Smoke Blower?

The 5E FLEX is compatible with leading tool battery brands!*

* The batteries pictured above are not affiliated with Superior Signal or its products.

5E FLEX Applications:

  • DWV Systems
  • Residential Plumbing
  • Commercial Plumbing
  • Laterals

5E FLEX Features:

  • Power: 12 - 24 vdc
  • Batt Duration: 14 minutes per amp hour. (approx)
  • Weight: 8lb
  • Capacity: 180 CFM
  • Static Pressure: 1.3 inches water column
  • Made in the USA

Compatible with:

  • milwaukee-style 18v attachment**
  • ridgid-orange-style 18v attachment**
  • dewalt-style 20v attachment**
  • ryobi-style 18v attachment**
  • makita-style 18v attachment**
  • bosch-style 18v attachment**
** Superior Signal has no affiliation with any battery brand
Application Note: The 5E FLEX Smoke Blower is designed to work with the Superior 1A or 2B Smoke Candle. Do NOT use the 3C Smoke Candle. The 3C is designed for mainline sewer smoke testing and produces too much smoke for building plumbing applications. In general, we recommend using the least amount of smoke necessary for a smoke test. The 1A Smoke Candle is recommended for small – medium size buildings and the 2B Smoke Candle is recommended for medium – large size buildings.

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