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 Important information pertaining to all "Smoke Candles" manufactured by Superior Signal Company LLC, including the following items:  1A, 2B, 3C, and W3C.

These products are for Professional Use ONLY.  These products should only be used by Professionals who are properly trained and/or fully knowledgeable in the use of these products for the specific application in which they will be deployed.  For guidance or assistance in using these products properly please call or contact Superior Signal before purchasing or using.  Improper use can result in ineffective results, damage to property, and possible safety/health hazards to the user and others.  Read and understand the SDS, and all safety precautions before use.

For Instructions or Assistance in proper use, please contact:

Superior Signal Company LLC
Phone:  732-251-0800
178 West Greystone Rd., Old Bridge, NJ  08857  USA
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Superior Smoke Candles are NOT Explosive, and are NON-Pyrotechnic, but they generate a LOT of smoke, very quickly. Always use the LEAST amount of Smoke that will get the job done.  Start with less, and if necessary then try again with more.

Please note the Smoke output of our products:

  • 1A  =  4,000 cubic feet of Smoke in about 30 seconds.
  • 2B  =  8,000 cubic feet of Smoke in aboumt 1 minute.
  • 3C  =  40,000 cubic feet of Smoke in about 3 minutes.
  • W3C  =  40,000 cubic feet of Smoke in about 3 minutes – double wick to daisy-chain for longer smoke time.

Normal usage for Leak Testing applications is about 1 cubic foot of smoke per cubic foot of volume to be tested, up to double that concentration if needed.  Note that most Leak Testing applications require a flow of air (typically from a fan) to carry the smoke throughout the entire system being tested. Applications for Air Flow Visualization would typically be a lower concentration, as too much smoke obscures the flow pattern and results in an ineffective test.  Fire Training applications with full turnout gear and SCBA may use higher concentrations at the discretion of the Training Officer.  These are just a few general guidelines – there are MANY applications for Superior Smoke, and all of them have many variables.  If you do not fully understand how to use smoke for your application, or have any questions about how to safely conduct an effective test, please contact Superior Signal for guidance.
Safe Handling, Use, Storage, and Disposal:


  • For adult outdoor use only - keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not ignite near or around flammable materials.
  • Use only outdoors in well ventilated areas, or with proper respiratory protection.
  • Concentrated smoke may cause severe burns to skin, eyes, or respiratory system.
  • Improper use may result in sufficient inhalation of smoke to cause irritation of the respiratory tract and lung damage.
  • Harmful if swallowed.
  • Follow all warnings and instructions on product.
  • Read and understand the SDS.


Store Cool and Dry. Avoid exposure to conditions exceeding 90 degrees F or 65% relative humidity.
Product is not explosive and therefore may be safely incinerated or otherwise disposed of in any manner compliant with local regulations.        

Date of Manufacture:
Reference serial number and contact company for date of manufacture.
Trade Name:
Reference product label for trade name.
For more information about the many uses of Superior Smoke Candles and other related products, please go to our website at:  www.superiorsignal.com/superior-smoke


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