Airflow Study with Superior® Smoke

Superior® Smoke mixed with air or gas simplifies the observation of flow patterns. Superior® Smoke is ideal for all types of apparatus including wind tunnels, atriums and various indoor/outdoor applications. Smoke is commonly used to balance heating and air conditioning units by observing discharge from grills and for aiding in the placement of smoke detectors. Superior Smoke is also ideal for testing airflow distribution through bio filters.

Selecting the right smoke for your airflow test

The initial selection of the specific Superior® Smoke product is based on the volume of the test area. Generally, one part of smoke to two or more parts of air volume provides satisfactory results. #1A and #2B smoke candles are recommended for checking air flow units such as exhaust fans and Smoke Pellets are recommended for smaller applications such as exhaust hoods and ductwork. Larger 3C, W3C, and Specialty Smoke Generators can be used for very large applications. Please call us for assistance in selecting the correct smoke product.

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