20L Manhole Smoke Blower
20L Manhole Smoke Blower20L Manhole Smoke Blower Auxiliary Port20L Manhole Smoke Blower Insulated Smoke Chamber20L Manhole Smoke Blower Stainless Steel Injector Nozzle20L Manhole Smoke Blower Fluid Valve

20-L Manhole Liquid Smoke Blower

$3,145.00 each

The Superior® 20-L Fluid Smoke System is safe, inexpensive and easy to use. Superior® Smoke Fluid is a proprietary blend, specially formulated for optimum performance in Sewer Testing. The Superior® 20-L Smoke Blower is engineered to maximize dry smoke output, eliminating the wet smoke and mess typical of other liquid smoke systems. The Superior® 20-L Smoke Fluid System uses micro-control flow valves, custom-machined stainless steel injector nozzles, and custom-welded insulated heating chambers to generate the maximum volume of dry smoke.

Engineered to optimize DRY smoke output!

  • Superior® Smoke Fluid is a proprietary blend, specially formulated for optimum performance in Sewer Testing.
  • Superior® Stainless steel, precision machined orifice minimizes the chances of “overloading” the smoke heating chamber.
  • Superior® Smoke heating chamber is much larger than standard muffler type smokers, thus extending the time available for fluid to convert to smoke. The heating chamber is insulated and baffled to retain heat and maximize smoke production.
  • Precision valve provides maximum control.
  • Field adjustable cfm/static pressure option.
  • Meets recommendations of WEF, EPA, and NASSCO.

20-L Smoke Blower Features

All Blowers are single unit sturdy metal construction with carrying handles and 27 1/2 in. custom fiberglass base.

  • Power: Briggs & Stratton 3.5 hp Gasoline
  • Carrying Weight: 65 lbs
  • Standard Capacity: 1800 CFM @ 1.7 static pressure*
  • Model 20-L includes an auxiliary outlet with a removable cover and adjustable damper to direct air/smoke through the base or auxiliary outlet. The auxiliary outlet is designed for applications where smoke must be introduced into openings other than manholes.
  • Made in the USA

*Also available as 4200 CFM @ 3.0 static pressure, or 4000 CFM @ 4.0 static pressure.
How much CFM do I need?

Smoke Fluid for the 20-L Smoke Blower

3C Smoke Candle in Action!

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