Smoke Testing Notification Door Hanger (100 pack)

$30.00 each

Proper notification and education is essential for a successful smoke testing program.  In addition to printed, published, and emailed notification and education campaigns, door hangers placed on or near front doors or mailboxes of homes shortly before that street will be smoke tested will ensure residents are notified and ready. 

Superior’s premium door hangers make it easy for you to communicate with your residents, providing places to fill in the anticipated test date on the front, and your contact information on the back.  Everything else the resident needs to know about smoke testing is already pre-printed on the 2-sided card, and there is even a QR code they can scan to a web page with more detailed information about smoke testing.  Note that both the card and the web page are not branded or connected to Superior Signal in any way, so these cards can be used when testing with any brand of smoke.

We recommend placing door hangers on homes at least 48 hours prior to the smoke test, and not more than 5 days prior.  In addition to this essential short-term notification, some operators like to place an earlier round of door hangers 2-3 weeks prior to the smoke test as an additional primary method of pre-notification.

Superior door hangers are a bright orange that will not be missed, they are larger and made from a heavier card stock than others out there, and the non-glossy finish is easy to write or stamp information on that will not smudge or smear.  These sturdy 2-sided cards measure 4.25” wide by 11” long, and can easily be taped in place if there is no easy way to hang them. Superior door hangers are sold in packages of 100 pcs.


Custom Door Hangers Available

Custom door hangers may also be ordered, with contact information already pre-printed on the back side.  Minimum order is 2,500 pcs and there is a set-up charge.

Current set-up charge for custom door hangers with your pre-printed contact information is $225.00 per order for any quantity (minimum quantity of 2,500 pcs @ $27.00 per hundred). Please contact us to order.