Superior specialty smoke for ied simulation, training simulations & smoke simulation

Need to generate smoke as part of an IED simulation or training exercise? Check out our line of Specialty Smoke Generators. Our Specialty Smokes are available in either pull ring configuration or electric ignition for maximum versatility. These products range in size from 115,000 to as much as 500,000 cubic feet of smoke to create a truly realistic scene for your training simulation.

*If you are looking for smaller electric fire smoke grenades please Contact Us  or check out Electric Fire from Sport Smoke.


Pull-ring smoke grenades for IED smoke simulation

Pull-Ring Smoke Generators

For Quick & Reliable Deployment

Superior® Smoke Generators with pull-ring ignitors can be deployed quickly and easily. Ideal for training simulations in remote areas, they require no additional source of ignition - simply pull the pull-ring and smoke will immediately begin to issue.

Electric fire smoke grenades for IED smoke simulation

Electric Fire Smoke Generators

For Remote Ignition or Custom Applications

Superior® Electric Fire Smoke is initiated by applying an electrical charge to the smoke generator. Using our Remote Ignition System, these products can be set off via remote from over 600 feet away! Ideal for range effects and countless custom applications.

 Superior® Professional Smoke Generators are for PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY

For smoke designed for recreational use, please visit: