For over 60 years, Superior Signal Company has provided industry with quality products at attractive prices. Our offices and primary production facilities are located in Old Bridge New Jersey, just 35 miles south of New York City. Superior Signal specializes in the manufacturing of smoke generating devices and ultrasonic instruments.

In the early 1950's the Superior Signal Company originally designed and manufactured military and ship distress signals for government agencies. While these signals were innovative and effective, they were not suitable for civilian purposes. In 1954, the company developed a safe, non-staining smoke containing no explosive materials for civilian applications.

Many innovative applications for our new smoke were developed. Superior® Smoke generators were quickly adopted for Fire Training, as a very effective means to realistically simulate smoke from a fire. Superior offers a line of smoke products that remain today the industry standard for Fire Training and Disaster Simulation.

Most significant was the development in 1961 of “The Superior Smoke Testing Technique” for Inflow & Infiltration studies of underground sewerage systems. Smoke testing has been used extensively for over 50 years with great success, and is recommended by the National Association of Sewer Service Contractors, and the Water Environment Federation. Smoke Testing of Sanitary Sewers remains the most cost effective means to identify sources of surface water inflow, which is a major cause of Sanitary Sewer Overflows. As the Industry Leader, Superior Signal continues to innovate and serve this important application, which helps to protect our most sensitive ecosystems from raw sewage pollution.

Superior® Smoke Generators are also widely used for many other applications, including leak testing building plumbing, ductwork, boilers and furnaces, tanks, piping, and exhaust systems. Superior® Smoke is highly effective for observing air flow patterns, finding sources of odors, evaluating fume/exhaust, and testing smoke control & alarm systems. Other applications include military and law enforcement, special effects for events, motion pictures and photography, and a variety of hobby applications.

In 1991, after many years of research and development Superior Signal introduced the AccuTrak® model VPX Ultrasonic Leak Detector. The VPX was developed for heavy industry in plant maintenance applications including compressed gas leaks, vacuum leaks, detection of bearing wear and internal leaks through valves or steam traps. The AccuTrak® model VPE was later developed specifically for the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration industry, and quickly became the leading ultrasonic leak detector in the market. Additional Superior AccuTrak® instruments have since been introduced to fill the needs of the Facility Maintenance industry.

Most recently, in 2009 we introduced a new Sport Smoke division, specifically to serve the recreational smoke market. Sport Smoke products are optimized for Paintball, Airsoft, Skydiving, Stunt Aircraft, RC planes and vehicles, and many other Hobby applications. Offering Pull-Ring, Electric Fire, or fuse-lit ignition, Superior and Sport Smoke products offer an effective and economical solution for any application that may benefit from smoke.

Superior Signal Company LLC continues to expand our business by offering outstanding service and support to our existing markets, developing innovative new and improved products, and creating new applications and markets for our expanding line of products. A family-owned business for nearly 60 years now, we still make almost everything we sell right here in the USA.