Compressed Air and Gas Leak Detection

Did you know that compressed air often devours more electrical energy than any other equipment in the plant?

DCompressed air and gas ultrasonic leak detectiono your compressors run on weekends when the plant is unoccupied? Do you have difficulty maintaining optimum pressures? Have you come to rely on your backup compressor for routine demand? - Still think air is free?? Save thousands (20% to 50%) annually by locating and repairing air leaks! Do it with an AccuTrak® Ultrasonic Leak Detector, the easy and fast way to find even the smallest compressed air leaks. AccuTrak® is also great for finding refrigerant leaks, vacuum leaks, heat exchangers, or leaks in any pressurized system.

Compressed gas and vacuum leak detector
Simply The Best Compressed Air & Gas Leak Detector On The Market

If your goal is to find compressed gas leaks or vacuum leaks in an industrial setting there is no better or more durable instrument than the Superior AccuTrak® VPX-WR Ultrasonic Leak Detector. The VPX-WR detects compressed air and gas leaks from a distance, and then enables the user to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. The instrument’s patented Dynamic Noise Discrimination (DND) technology scans a broad range of ultrasound (20 to 100 kHz) allowing operators to find leaks faster and more reliably, without the guesswork of manual tuning. Nearly all industrial facilities have numerous compressed air leaks, with larger facilities typically wasting over $100,000 a year! The VPX-WR is the preferred instrument for air leak survey professionals all over the world.

Proudly Made in the USA
All Superior AccuTrak® Ultrasonic Leak Detectors are made in the USA, to the highest quality standards, providing higher performance at a lower cost than other competitive products. The VPX-WR comes in a premium protective hard case, with a full complement of accessories. Learn more about the VPX-WR HERE.

Finding Air Leaks with the VPX-WR

Finding Air Leaks with the VPX-WR

Finding Air Leaks with the VPE-2000

Air Leak with the VPX-WR

Here is an example of "DND" at work. This air leak was recorded with the VPX-WR with a noisy compressor in the background. Listen to how the background noise is reduced and how the screaming leak sound dominates the signal.

Air Leak with the VPE-2000

This is the same leak as you heard above recorded with the VPE-2000. This unit uses a traditional heterodyne translation.