4" Clean Out Gripper Plug

3" Clean Out Gripper Plug

$16.77 each

When that old rusty cast-iron plug breaks or strips, or the threads are shot on that PVC fitting, the Clean Out Gripper® Plug comes to the rescue! Use as a permanent replacement plug that seals securely, and can be easily removed and reused for years to come, the Clean Out Gripper® is a quick and economical solution to a common problem. No professional should be without a good supply of these plugs, in multiple sizes.

3" Clean Out Gripper Plug Features

  • Guaranteed to seal any damaged threads
  • Made with glass-reinforced ABS plastic
  • Black color blends well with cast-iron pipe
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • NPT sizes, including hard to find 3½"
  • Natural rubber threaded o-ring for positive seal
  • (Includes 1 Plug)

Clean Out Gripper Plug

Clean Out Plug Specs

Part # Size Max Back Pressure
P-270168 2" 17 psi, 40'
P-270178 3" 17 psi, 40'
P-270138 3.5" 17 psi, 40'
P-270188 4" 17 psi, 40'

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