Sewer Deluxe Kit

Sewer Deluxe Kit

$1,914.25 each

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The economical yet versatile choice to block off pipes when smoke testing, the Cherne Test-Ball is the most trusted pneumatic test ball in the industry.  From blocking residential drain-waste-vent systems to municipal storm and sanitary sewer piping, Test-Balls are also great for pressure tests, maintenance, and repairs.  The Cherne Test-Ball does it all. All DELUXE Kits include a 5% Discount!

Sewer Deluxe Kit Features

  • Test-Balls are durable, rugged and effective in any type of pipe.
  • Multi-size: More options, less inventory.
  • Available with patented field repairable rupture disc technology.
  • ¼" Schrader tire valve standard on all plugs.
  • Large plugs feature a removable valve allowing them to be repaired or replaced with quick disconnect fittings.
  • All Test-Balls are bendable to 90˚.

Sewer Deluxe Kit Includes

Sewer Plug Specs

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