Plumbing Smoke Testing with Superior® Smoke

Plumbing smoke test with superior smokeDid you ever wish you had a dollar for every time a customer asked you about an annoying odor on their property? Well, you can get a lot more than a dollar if you know how to find the source of that odor quickly and professionally. The solution to this problem is smoke testing! Although there are hundreds of sewer and septic service professionals regularly performing plumbing smoke tests, it is surprising how many contractors have yet to discover this quick, inexpensive, and effective test.

Find Sources of Odor

Anywhere a smell can go, the smoke will go too. In minutes a plumbing smoke test will reveal sources and causes of odor that might take days to find any other way.

Find Plumbing Faults

Plumbing smoke tests reveal cracked or broken pipes, leaks, bad connections, improper venting, open pipes or fittings, dry traps, etc.

Test New Plumbing

As your primary test, or as a secondary test to locate the leak, a plumbing smoke test is fast and easy.

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The 5E Smoke Blower is ideal for smoke testing building and house plumbing

Superior® 5E Electric Smoke Blower

The Professional's Choice for Plumbing Smoke Testing

Designed specifically for smoke testing house and building plumbing, the Superior® 5E is the industry's most popular smoke blower. The 5E is tuned to deliver the proper airflow at a low pressure to achieve a safe and effective smoke test every time. With 1000's of 5E Smoke Blowers in the field across the USA you can trust that you are getting a tried and true machine. The 5E comes with an 8' by 4" flexible hose and is designed to work with Superior® Smoke Candles.

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Pipe plugs for use in smoke testing

Plumbing Pipe Plugs

A Must-Have for Plumbing Professionals

Pipe Plugs are ideal for blocking lines while smoke testing among other applications. Cherne Plugs have been the professional contractor's choice for over 50 years, and remain the most trusted in the industry. Designed to work with a variety of systems from residential plumbing to municipal storm and sanitary sewer pipe, there is something for every application, and any budget. Cherne Plugs do it all—and Superior Signal offers a broad selection of these products to assist in plumbing smoke testing, sewer smoke testing and related jobs.

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